The Expedited Books Have Arrived

The Angel Guardian books are here. 48 of the 100 expedited books arrived by FedEx Air yesterday. The same FedEx driver came by today with another box of 24. Somewhere in Austin, the last box of 26 books is waiting to be delivered. Not very efficient delivery on FedEx's part, but I'm happy to have the books we do.

Our elves found them this morning...

So excited to get the books out to our Kickstarter backers! Starting that process now...

Kickstarter Update #2 - We're $991 Away!

The response to our Kickstarter campaign has been great so far. Thanks to our 105 backers, we have less than $1,000 to go, and 12 days to do it.

New rewards have been added to the campaign. We've added a way to share the book with school classrooms and children in hospitals in Central Texas. An Angel Guardian removable car decal, along with buttons, is now included for all backers at the $2 level and up. If we exceed our funding goal, we plan to add some more great rewards for our backers as well.

We need your help on this last stretch. We have a new sharing contest in place with bonus rewards exclusively for backers that you can earn just for helping to spread more awareness. Along with the bonuses, everyone who shares, or increases their pledge, will be entered to win a $50 Amazon eGift Card. Check out the special "Thank you for sharing" rewards here:

Thank you for your support! 


Chris & Michelle Miller


Kickstarter Update #1 - We're at 74 Backers and $2,748

I'll be writing updates about my Kickstarter campaign on the blog here, as well as communicating directly with our backers through email updates. 

We are five days into the campaign and I'm so thankful for all of the support received so far. The campaign has 74 backers and is more than a third of a way toward our goal of $7,500.

Please share the link with friends and family!