Update on The Angel Guardian Doll Prototype

We are STILL working on perfecting The Angel Guardian doll. Prototype #9 is close - we've requested changes to the smile, the dress stitching and the undergarment. We're hoping #10 is the winner. Our manufacturing partner is keeping their fingers crossed too - they have been very patient with us. Once we give the okay, it will take approximately 100 days to create and ship the dolls to the USA.

Once the doll prototype is finalized, we'll begin working on packaging options. The goal is a box to hold both the book and doll that is cool enough to grab the attention of kids and parents alike. If you have any ideas, or examples we should check out, please send them to info@theangelguardian.com!

Then it's time to finalize the marketing plan to get the book and doll out to the world. The official launch is planned for September, 2015. 

An Inside Look: From Sketches to Final Artwork

I thought it would be fun to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes of my book. To show you the initial sketches from my illustrator, Nessa, transformed into beautiful, three-dimensional pieces of art for the final illustrated printing.

Here's an example of the initial concept in sketch...

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 7.59.36 PM.png

Next, Nessa made a three-dimensional storyboard...

Then she hand-painted the image, digitized it, and added the text to turn it into a spread for the book...

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 8.05.05 PM.png

Pretty cool, right?

An Inside Look: The Original Characters

I was created by my authors, Chris & Michelle Miller and my illustrator, Nessa Dee. I started out in their imaginations, and then came to life on paper.

Nessa got me right on her first try! Well, she gave the authors two choices and they picked the less wild hairstyle. I also originally had a halo, but I let them know Angel Guardians don't actually have halos, so that was removed on future versions.

This is one of the original sketches for me - with my very curly hair. As you may know by now, I prefer to wear it in a bun. It's so much easier to see everything, especially when I'm flying.

Nessa is such a great illustrator that the authors didn't make many changes to her original sketches. But one request they did make was to the age of the little girl in The Angel Guardian

This was the original girl Nessa created:










This is my updated friend - a little more grown up and a lot more fashionable:

That's your sneak peek for the day! I can't wait to share my entire story with you...