Update on The Angel Guardian Doll Prototype

We are STILL working on perfecting The Angel Guardian doll. Prototype #9 is close - we've requested changes to the smile, the dress stitching and the undergarment. We're hoping #10 is the winner. Our manufacturing partner is keeping their fingers crossed too - they have been very patient with us. Once we give the okay, it will take approximately 100 days to create and ship the dolls to the USA.

Once the doll prototype is finalized, we'll begin working on packaging options. The goal is a box to hold both the book and doll that is cool enough to grab the attention of kids and parents alike. If you have any ideas, or examples we should check out, please send them to info@theangelguardian.com!

Then it's time to finalize the marketing plan to get the book and doll out to the world. The official launch is planned for September, 2015.